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Dynasty of Power


Dynasty of Power chronicles the story of the Quinlan family and their possession of the gift simply known as “The Power.”

Creative Team

Writer: Nick Doan & Jami Russell
Pencils: Anahi Delgoado
Inks: Blake Wilkie & Roberto Gortez
Colors: Lexia Velez
Letterer: Kuen Tang
Editor: Russ Pizorek

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Lucy Quinlan
Current Quinlan family member gifted with various superhuman abilities which is usually the birthright of the oldest male child.

Tom Quinlan
Currently powerless brother to Lucy Quinlan and son of Bart Quinlan.

Bart Quinlan
Father of Lucy and Tom Quinlan. A man who spent decades gifted with various superhuman abilities which are the birthright of the oldest male Quinlan child.

Domingo is a crime lord, uncle to Lucy who possesses "The Power of the Quinlan family".


With great power comes great envy.

Lucy’s family has carried The Power for generations. Derived from the blood of an ancient Irish warrior her ancestor’s conquered, The Power manifests itself through a red aura. Its abilities are limited only by the imagination. These limits have yet to be tested, although in practice it’s used mostly to increase strength, speed, and endurance.

The Power is given only to the first born male of each generation, leading to a sibling rivalry that’s left countless bodies in its wake. Bart, Lucy’s father, inherited the power and used it to battle crime, all while building a financial empire. But Bart’s brother felt slighted at his exclusion. His jealously has developed into a ruthless obsession. Under the alias of Domingo he’s built himself a crime empire to rival his brother’s good deeds. But the money and the power are all just means and end – to steal The Power for himself.

Now he may have finally found a way to do just that. Through his mercenaries Rene and Johnny, Domingo has captured a vial containing the spirit of the warrior from which The Power came. His mad quest has pushed him beyond rational thinking and Domingo ignoring the consequences his actions could have; unleashing the spirit will mean disaster not only for the Lucy and her family, but perhaps the entire world.

Meanwhile, both Bart and Domingo refuse to accept the fact that their prime has passed. Bart clings onto his dwindling portion of The Power, while a new rivalry develops between his own children. Tom and Lucy are twins, but Lucy was the first born by four minutes. The Power defied tradition and chose Lucy to wield it, manifesting itself in a blue aura. Lucy’s still getting used to her abilities. The Power’s habit of choosing males has led the men to develop chauvinistic attitudes.

Tom was trained from a young age to prepare him for the gift, but then Lucy began exhibiting its telltale abilities. Despite her super-powers, Bart still dismisses Lucy as an inferior incapable of handling the role of her ancestors. Bitterness has also grown in Tom, who feels fate has forsaken him. This bitterness was further twisted when Lucy failed to save Sarah, the light of his life and compassionate anchor.

Now Tom’s hot-headed tendencies have turned into a reckless streak. Convinced he could’ve succeeded where Lucy did not, he’s adopted his father’s sexist views. The once subtle tension between the twins is now outright hostility. The family’s united in its quest against Domingo, who had a role in Sarah’s death. But once this common enemy is defeated will the cracks continue to grow in their family? And is Tom more similar to Domingo than he’d like to admit?

The Creative Team

Nick Doan

Jami Russell

Anahi Delgoado

Blake Wilkie

Roberto Gortez

Lexia Velez

Kuen Tang