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Genesis is Affinity’s Christian comics imprint. Our comics aren’t fluffy religious pieces bereft of action. On the contrary Genesis comics are action packed supernatural thrillers intertwined with elements of the science fiction, fantasy, and super hero genres.

The goal of the Genesis imprint is to show the truth of God through compelling stories and dynamic artwork without preaching to our audience, or pushing the envelope with graphic sex and language. We believe that our books will capture comic readers of all ages who want to learn more about Christianity.

We invite you to join us as we explore some of the deeper questions of life through our medium.

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Staff of Ezekiel

In 593 B.C. the nation of Israel was in tatters. It’s people scattered to all corners of the globe. The great King Nebuchadnezzar carried many of them to Babylon in captivity. From these captives God called a prophet to guide them. He placed a mantle of his power and anointing on him to protect the righteous from powers of darkness. This man was the Prophet Ezekiel. Ezekiel’s prophecies are well known. What is not well known is the legacy of his mantle of power that he passed on to his descendants.

The Genesis Project

Dr. Sean Collins was recruited to work in a secret government project after his Doctoral Thesis was quietly classified by the U.S. Department of Defense. He became a lead research at the Department of Happenings. On 5th May, 2009, the prodigy of Dr Sean Collins culminated in an experiment he called “The Genesis Project,” where he utilized his theories about spacetime lensing to look backward in time to view the creation of the universe.