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Century 25

Humanity has always contemplated the endless possibilities of what is yet to come. Whether gazing to the heavens or looking deep into our own selves, the future of the human race has long captured the attention of many. And who can help wondering what’s over the next rise? Good science fiction serves as both a prediction for the future and a reflection of the age it was written in. Living through the Industrial Revolution produced the works of H.G. Wells and Jules Verne. Living through the Atomic Age inspired an entire generation of legendary Sci-Fi storytellers to imagine, in vivid detail, exactly what the held.

Century 25 presents a variety of futuristic themed stories that are all set several centuries into the future. Whether on the outer edge of the galactic spiral or deep within the confines of a little blue planet called Earth, our goal is to present the type of Science Fiction stories that will leave the reader awaiting the next instalment.

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In the year of 2459, Major Sonia Darkblade, Sergeant Ashley Morton, Sergeant Vorigoth, and Captain Garrett Walters capture and secure a rogue cargo skiff under the UNPF Anti-Sedition Act. The takedown is simple and fast, and the successful officers are uneasy about the lack of resistance they have encountered so far. In the Io Research Station in the Jupiter Orbit, a woman named Sierra is sitting in a padded cell working on a piece of machinery and talking to herself about death.

Shadow Faction

“The world has always needed heroes.” – Captain Kolis has heard this enough times he has a plaque of the saying in his office. He’s been asked to gather another group of heroes, but this time, they need to be the kind of heroes who aren’t susceptible to greed, the media and party politics … they need to be special … more than that, they need to be able to operate covertly when needed … and they need to be autonomous … Enter: The Shadow Faction!

Techno Trio

Three co-workers out for a drink after work … the entire bar is taken prisoner by a nefarious criminal organization who experiment on all the patrons, killing some, maiming others, but granting some of them with wondrous powers. When Gayle, DeVonn and Reggie hear the criminals plan to make them into an army of super villains, they use their newfound superspeed to escape. Rather than villains, the three become heroes and The Techno Trio is born!

The Five

In the latter part of the 24th Century the world is even more splintered and chaotic than ever. It is a world in the aftermath of several major World Wars as well as several hundred years of extreme exploitation of the planet's natural resources. Much of the world is so inhospitable that most lifespans run their course within just a few generations. Only the extreme rich have the luxury of extending their lifespans by whatever means that they can. It is a world which constantly seems to stumble ever closer to the complete and total annihilation of the entire human race.