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Close your eyes and think of Nigeria. What comes to mind?

Did you picture superheroes? Did you picture a pantheon of powerful and exciting demigods?

More than likely, you pictured the images of Nigeria that have trickled out through popular culture. It may surprise you to learn Nigeria is a country rich with heritage and culture. Unlikely heroes spring into battle to defend those in need of a champion and powerful gods visit us here on Earth where they display all too human emotions.

Come to Comicsdome and see a part of the world you thought you knew about.

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The Compatriot

Returning home to a suburb near Lagos after many years away, Nigerian-born Adeaze is drawn into events he doesn’t comprehend, but once he’s involved, he intends to stay involved to the conclusion. This brings him face-to-face with elements that he feels need to be brought to justice. He becomes The Compatriot to mete out that justice by whatever means necessary!