Affinity Press


How to join the team


Please be aware that Affinity Press receives a high volume of submissions and cannot guarantee a response to each. With that said, we make our best attempt to reply to every submission as soon as possible. Submissions which do not follow these instructions will be ignored.

Submissions and questions can be emailed to

New Projects

Email a 50-65 word synopsis for the project, and project format (page count, color/B&W, book dimensions, single installment, multiple installment, etc). All artwork should be submitted as an attachment, and in PDF file format. You will also have to sign and return the Affinity Press Non-disclosure Agreement. (pdf).

Artists Seeking Work

Email a PDF file with your work, or a link to a gallery of your work. The gallery or PDF file should include pin-ups along with 3-5 page(s) of sequential art. Within the email provide your rates and if negotiable.

Writers Seeking Work

Email a PDF file with 3-5 pages from a script that you worked on or created. Also, include a 50-65 word synopsis of sample script you are submitting. Within the email provide your rates and specify if negotiable.