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Union is about growth. It's about working together and telling the kinds of stories creators want to tell, and how they want to tell them. It’s anything from Science Fiction to Adventure, Fantasy to Horror; all of it can be found inside the walls of the Union library. It’s for those who aren't interested in the traditional stable of comic books, with their connected universes and sprawling road maps of content. Those fans looking for something a bit smaller in scope, a bit more intimate, should come to Union. With creator-owned content and a unique vision, this is the place where the ideas that don't fit into typical constraints are showcased .It’s where those who tell the stories that have become so known and loved are able to do so with abandon, taking their creative landscapes to new heights.

Union is the place for smaller, complete stories. It's the place for watching creators come together to craft a loving story from their hearts, and see what the imagination can truly come up with.

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Merlin's Ring

In Medieval England, there was one man who was known throughout the land as the most skilled at what they did. In the realm of magic, only one name comes to mind as the best wizard in all of England: Merlin. Using one of his own stolen rings, the evil Morgana Le Fay complicates his work at every turn.