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The Genesis Project


Dr. Sean Collins was recruited to work in a secret government project after his Doctoral Thesis was quietly classified by the U.S. Department of Defense. He became a lead research at the Department of Happenings.

Creative Team

Writer: Jeremy Cox
Artist: Willi Roberts
Colors: Willi Roberts & Edgar Tavitas
Letterer: Tanya Woods
Editor: Ryan Brooks

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Right to left: Alex Marshall, Naomi Bristow, Dr. Sean Collins, James “Chi” Kerr, and Fiona Loren.

Alex Marshall
Education: C student, Freshman in High School
Key Aspects: keen spiritual awareness, desire to do good, always has a pop culture reference handy
Appearance: 14 y.o. scrawny black boy in baggy clothes, trying to look bigger than he really is.

Alex is is a typical 14 year old boy. He suffers a bit from “nerdish tendencies” and late physical development. In other words, he reads comics and is bad at sports.

Naomi Bristow
Education: A/B student, Sophomore in High School
Key Aspects: Passionate, chubby, strong desire for justice, curious, streetwise
Appearance: 15 y.o., chubby caucasian female with shoulder length wavy dishwater blonde hair and undeveloped figure. Walks around with lots of ‘tude.

Naomi seems like a typical angsty teenage girl. But there is dark temper just beneath the surface, which you will experience if you ever decide to cross her.

Dr. Sean Collins
Education: Ph.D Quantum Mechanics, M.I.T.
Key Aspects: Intelligent, Driven, Inventor, Brilliant
Appearance: 39 y.o., 5’7", average build, short dark brown hair buzzed, gaunt and wiry.

At first glance, you might think Dr. Collins is a crazy, drunken recluse. He doesn’t clean his house. He talks to himself. He conducts strange experiments with electricity at all hours of the day. But he is the genius that realized the possibility of manipulating time through invention. He invented a machine to look through time, and it changed him into the recluse he is today.

James "Chi" Kerr
Education: Dropped out of College of Engineering
Key Aspects: Kind, Passionate, Hard-working
Appearance: 25 y.o., 5’7’, Mixed race male, lean yet muscular in a fit handy-man sort of way, boyish, clean shaven and bald.

Chi looks like your everyday easy going mechanic. He wears jeans, T-shirts, and is often dirty with some sort of engine grease. But he is a brilliant inventor and fix-it man. Chi dropped out of school, because he didn’t fit in there. Yet, Dr. Collins has found him to be an invaluable assistant. He took the nickname “Chi” after he dropped out of University to travel through Asia on a spiritual retreat.

Fiona Loren
Education: Masters Electrical Engineering, M.I.T.
Key Aspects: Intelligent, Heart of Gold, Kind, Patient, Loves outdoors
Appearance: 33 y.o., 5’5’, Caucasian female, petite, wavy blonde hair to nape of back. Brown eyes. During the summer, her freckles show after a good tan.

Fiona is the super smart sweet girl next door. She and Collins were once engaged, but they are estranged since Dr. Collins was fired from the Happenings project. She resides outside of Boston.


Many people dream of taking a glimpse of the future. If we can just see how thing swould turn out, we would use the knowledge to make a better choice.

Dr. Sean Collins took that idea and added his visionary genius: he devised an experiment to look backward in time, to answer the question, was time ever created or did it always exist? Could he witness the big bang and unlock the secrets of the Universe?

Dr. Collins saw much more than he bargained for. He learned many secrets of the universe as his mind touched God's and the evil opposing him.

He withdrew from the scientific community, lost his position at the prestigious Happenings Project, and began to write books, such as the "Face of God," warning of the impending apocalypse. The popular culture and Zeitgeist of our times received him with open arms, never realizing he wrotes these works as non-fiction.

Best-selling author. Crazy scientist. Dr. Collins disappeared into some dark hole in the Arizona desert, all but forgotten to the world, dismissed as simply a fad.

But do not be deceived. Collins is busy at work creating new machines beyond our imagining, inspired only by the dawn of time itself.

Dr. Collins set something in motion. He is fated to become much more than a famous scientist or religious nutcase. He must set right what wrong things he set in motion. If he can survive his inner turmoil.

Unleash the Power of Time

Time flows and fluxes just like electricity. Those with arcane knowledge can harness it, and use this new power source in ways you may never imagine.

On adventures with Dr. Collins, you will experience

Passively observe the beginning of time through spacetime lensing.

Unlimited power to create the first exosuits in earth history.

Teleportation through time and space.

Scry though the sum of history as if it were an afternoon TV special.

Bear witness to weapons that can dispatch the spirits of the evil ones.

Stand in the gap for all humanity when the invasion begins.

Which side of Collins do you identify with?

You and I may have two minds about a decision, but Collins has many.

Are you a succesful atheist Scientist, as Collins was before the accident? (Issue 0, page 4, panel 2, "I know the answer is here")

Are you a religious zealot, who writes best selling religious texts? (Issue 0, page 3, panel 5)

Are you a warrior, intent on defending the world? (Issue 0, page 5, panel 2, remove text inset)

Are you a victim of circumstance, being in the wrong place at the wrong time? (Issue 1, page 7, panel 1 or 2 -- Collins in cuffs)

The Creative Team

Jeremy Cox

Willi Roberts

Edgar Tavitas

Tanya Woods