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Merlin's Ring


Morgan Le Fay arrives in the present day, wreaking as much havoc as she can. Soon it starts to look like the evil sorceress is going to take over the world and remake it as she pleases. But then by chance a grieving family member of one of her early victims finds a special gift at just the right moment.

Creative Team

Writer: Jay LaValley
Colors: Jay LaValley
Letterer: Jay LaValley
Editor: Fred Pullin

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In Medieval England, there was one man who was known throughout the land as the most skilled at what they did. In the realm of magic, only one name comes to mind as the best wizard in all of England: Merlin. Using one of his own stolen rings, the evil Morgana Le Fay complicates his work at every turn. In an attempt to change things, Merlin sends one of his magical rings into the future, hoping that a new bearer will help prevent Le Fay from taking over the world, making sure that the future is protected by a new hero.

That is, until Le Fay returns, making a sudden and intense impact on the world of today, using the all of her tools, as well as some others to take on the world, making it her own. With her new tools, Le Fay looks poised to take over the world and create it in her own evil form. That is, until a grieving family member of one of those lost to the attack by Le Fay finds a special gift just at the right moment.

With magic, mystery and a glimpse into both the past and the present, the world will never be the same once the power of Merlin's Ring is unleashed.

The Creative Team

Jay LaValley