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Shadow Faction


The Shadow Faction - a covert group of heroes who operate outside partisan politics, above the law and under the radar. Beyond the reach of money, power and influence. Led by the wealthy and brilliant Dusk, Shadow faction boasts the invulnerable Noble, geo-morphing Mountain and Roman demigods Securitas and Veritas.

Creative Team

Writer: Brian Menard
Artist: Gabriel Perez
Colors: Robert Lupano
Letterer: Kuen Tang

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Dusk is a master of shadows, expert martial artist and is a founding member of Shadow Faction.

Alien spirit who animates objects changing them into hulking powerhouses made of durable materials and a founding member of Shadow Faction.

Alien and founding member of Shadow Faction who possesses a variety of superhuman abilities.

Securitas, daughter of the Roman gods Jupiter and Juno possesses super-strength, limited super-speed and the near invulnerability of a god.

Veritas, Roman goddess of truth and member of Shadow Faction.

Evil telekinetic telepath.

Boss Lady

Shrew Mech
Shrew-Mech is a member of the villainous team known as the Missing and is mystically imbued with the ability to control any machine he is in contact with.

Empowered by a mystic rune which turned him into a hulking rock creature, Sedimentary is a member of the villainous team The Missing.

Burlesque, member of the villainous team the Missing, mystically enhanced with unlimited invulnerability and an immunity to all diseases.

Bubba, member of the villainous team The Missing and mystically enhanced by a run that gives him incredible agility, enhanced fighting abilities, and strength several times greater than a normal human.

Swap has the supernatural ability to instantaneously switch the location of any two living beings in his line of sight.


“The world has always needed heroes.” – Captain Grier has heard this enough times he has a plaque of the saying in his office. He’s been asked to gather another group of heroes, but this time, they need to be the kind of heroes who aren’t susceptible to greed, the media and party politics … they need to be special … more than that, they need to be able to operate covertly when needed … and they need to be autonomous … Enter: The Shadow Faction!

Bankrolled by their very own hero, DUSK, who is also the group’s strategic leader, The Shadow Faction goes after the worst of the worst … villains and criminal organizations that law enforcement can’t touch. Members include super-strong and invulnerable NOBLE, geo-morphing MOUNTAIN, and two Roman demi-gods, SECURITAS and VERITAS.

The scientists of the Collective Solutions Group are out to control the world and they will do so by any means necessary, including creating their own brand of supers … beings with no conscious and plenty of deadly skill … MINDFRAME, The EDGE and BLOODHOUND are just the beginning …

“The world has always needed heroes,” and The SHADOW FACTION answers the call!

The Creative Team

Brian Menard

Brian has been many things... a proofreader, an accountant, a singer, a dad, an auditor, a disk jockey, an actor... add to the list comic book writer and editor. Currently taking the reigns on writing Shadow Faction for the Century 25 line of comics at Affinity Press, he is ready to hit the ground running. He is also tasked with putting together a project we plan to call the Affinity Press Registry; a comprehensive listing of the characters in the Affinity Press comic book line-up. He is still a dad, and yes, still an auditor, and plans to help Affinity in some of their back-office operations too, but he’s collected comic books since 1974 and has an appreciation for graphic stories told in sequential art.

Gabriel Perez

Robert Lupano

Kuen Tang