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The Compatriot


Nigeria is a country rich with heritage and culture. Unlikely heroes spring into battle to defend those in need of a champion and powerful gods visit us here on Earth where they display all too human emotions.

Creative Team

Writer: Sonny O. Azeez & Brian German
Artist & Inks: David Whalen
Colors: Lucinda Gillies
Letterer: David Whalen
Editor: Brian Menard

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The Compatriot
The Compatriot.

Grace N'Dukka
Grace N'Dukka, the Compatriot's assistant and spiritual adviser.


Adaeze had always thought that he could get away with anything or run away with it. He had his parents’ wealth on one hand, good looks on the other and a fairly intelligent head on his shoulder. He had thought it would never end until he was kidnapped and the next six years of his life became a half-remembered nightmare of blurry monsters and sharp objects.

Escape had not provided him with the answers and freedom he sought, rather, he discovered that the world had moved on without him; leaving his parents dead and their empire in the hands of an impostor working for a cabal that is determined to wipe out all evidence of his existence at any and all cost. Armed with only his intellect and stolen tech from his captors, the odds has never been more firmly stacked against him, but this time he had no place to run, no one to trust and nothing to lose. It was time for the hunted to become the hunter.

It was time to claim his birthright.

The Creative Team

Sonny O. Azeez

Brian German

David Whalen

Lucinda Gillies