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The Five


25th Century warfare has no limits. It spans planets solar systems, and entire galaxies. One man stands between humanity and ruin: Corso. Always the man in the shadows, nudging history in the right direction, Corso must once again gather five heroes to stand as humanity’s defenders against its true enemies. Those heroes are - The Five!

Creative Team

Writer: Don Thomas
Artist: Dariusz Riegel
Colors: Cathy Gouin & William Petrie
Letterer: Kenneth Reynolds

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Duncan Arturo
Duncan Arturo, super strong, hyper-intelligent cyborg and member of the Five.

Director Niklolas Corso
Corso, organizer and mysterious benefactor of the Five.

Eve, member of the Five who in reality is an artificial intelligence housed within a collective of microscopic nanites who has the power to widely alter its form as well as transmute and transform other materials.

Captain Hastings
Captain Hasting, former soldier and government agent now member and combat leader of the Five.

Johnny Jinx
Johnny Jinx, Japanese teenager and member of the Five with the ability to manipulate probability in his favor.

Mute Persian psychic assassin and member of the Five.


In the latter part of the 24th Century the world is even more splintered and chaotic than ever. It is a world in the aftermath of several major World Wars as well as several hundred years of extreme exploitation of the planet's natural resources. Much of the world is so inhospitable that most lifespans run their course within just a few generations.

Only the extreme rich have the luxury of extending their lifespans by whatever means that they can. It is a world which constantly seems to stumble ever closer to the complete and total annihilation of the entire human race.

Knowing just how desperate things are becoming on the world stage, the long-live Corso decides to assemble a team of heroes, combining their resources and abilities to combat those who threaten humanity, but for whatever reason are beyond the reach of the law or any semblance of justice.

Corso himself is the man in the shadows, the man who has been down this road before. He's a man with many secrets and strategies within strategies. His unnatural extended lifespan has given him the ability to see everything in the long-term. An ability he has used over that last quarter of his lifespan to not only become a man of wealth and means, but also to cultivate a large number of connection all over the world that are all somehow or someway owe a debt to him. Now with a group of five heroes in their own right, he seeks to once again save the world from itself.

The Creative Team

Don Thomas

Don Thomas is a professional writer and editor. He is a short story author and novelist who has published works of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror among other things. He has worked as an editor and regular contributor for Pro Se Presents, an award winning anthology magazine and is the co-founder of the Writer's Shack writers group on Facebook. Over the years Don has repeatedly shown to possess an amazing versatility with his writing, easily being able to transition from different formats, mediums and even genres. Of all of the things he has accomplished over the years, it is being able to actively work in the comic book industry that remains one of his proudest achievements.

Dariusz Riegel

Cathy Gouin

William Petrie

Kenneth Reynolds