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Urde the 4th Age is a comic that gets into the political maneuvering of the two main ruling factions of Urde. Each vying for complete control of the land, with one evil and highly antagonistic towards the other because the greater god they serve is not the god of Urde's creation and was instead cast out of the reality and forbidden to return.

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Angruu the Bugbear
Angruu the Bugbear, vicious inhabitant of Urde.

Gauthron, a dark Nolar and inhabitant of Urde.

Evil, diminutive inhabitants of Urde.

Korgoth, leader of the evil Nolar of Urde.

Lawrence, Nolar of law and death and an inhabitant of Urde.


Sirlon, trickster, manipulator of magic and inhabitant of Urde.

Soleno, inhabitant of Urde and the leader of the good Nolar.

Tiara, Mistress of Time
Lawrence's wife Tiara, Mistress of Time.


Urde: The 4th Age chronicles the covert intrigues and open battles between two warring factions of immortals. And caught in the middle: humans. As the story unfolds, action takes place not only in Urde itself, but throughout time and space as scientists Kevin Sheck and his uncle David Harris find themselves torn out of their own world and time and stranded in the crossfire between the two warring factions. And what does Kevin and David’s feud have to do with it all? The struggle between good and evil is only the tip of the iceberg as plots, politics, intrigues and battles radiate out through all of time and existence from the epicenter of Urde.

The Creative Team

Aaron Grissom

Ray Mason, Jr.


Joshua "Cracked Nut" Sharff

Kefas Armando

Jason Sylvestre

Kenneth Reynolds

Alek Stevanov